I Totally Want To Throw Her For Muskie

The fly-tying-materials-in-your-hair-craze came front and center here today.  These very nice girls came by looking for hackles, flashabou and fur to integrate into their hair.  Much like a Tiger Muskie, they seemed to be attracted to the brighter, flashier colors.

We called all of our fly tying supplies and got promptly laughed at when we told them we were looking for long saddle hackles.

We advised the ladies to be careful if they went near any saltwater flats or the lakes with long fish.

When we said we wanted more women to get into fly fishing…this is not necessarily what we meant.

Let us know what you think…

4 thoughts on “I Totally Want To Throw Her For Muskie”

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  2. We had a few of those types in the shop too. One of them was a hippy-ish jewelry maker. Worked out pretty well ‘cuz a few of the old guys started buying up more stuff to stockpile in case there are shortages due to…ummm… ‘fashion’…in the future…

  3. I’m a lady angler and have hackle in my hair. I only use stuff I already had in my box and honestly, I feel one with my flies and plus we match.

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