Tying the Triple Surgeons Loop Knot

Are you looking for an alternative to the Bimini Twist?  The Triple Surgeon’s Loop works well.  It is a quick easy knot to do in the field and get you back to fishing fast.

  1. Start by doubling the line over and creating a loop.
  2. Take the loop and add an overhand knot approximately where you want the base of the final knot loop.
  3. Proceed to do a total of three (hence the triple in the name) wraps of the loop through the overhand knot.
  4. Pull everything into place, working the knot into position depending on how big you want the final loop to be.  Use saliva to lubricate the knot as it is tightened.
  5. Once the knot is tight and secure, trim the tag end.


Illustrations by Greg Pearson


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