Echo Glass Rod

Echo Glass Rod Overview


This is a rod line that the staff here at Fishwest is really excited about. We cannot wait to check these out. For those who have not fished with a fiberglass rod I must say they are quite the treat. These rods are a far cry from modern fast action fly rods. With rods from #2 through #5 you are bound to find a rod that will suit just about any situation. Tie on your favorite dry fly and hit the water. You can check those out HERE.

2 thoughts on “Echo Glass Rod Overview”

  1. As a fly fisher that has been at it since childhood and born in 1950, this acknowledgment of certain facts about fiberglass is not exactly a new message. Over the years it has been the trend to push the newest best thing on the market and as it happens increase the price at the same time. collecting and using old tackle has been a way of life for me and while I do own many of the most “high tech” rods on the market today I am always struck by the number of people that are hooked on the idea that new technology is best. I fish the rod that best works for the conditions of the day. If you want to fish a 7x tippet, Bamboo is your rod for not breaking off as many fish, if you don’t have one of the old ones to play with then plan B is fiberglass.Fiberglass is a close second and does not require being treated like a baby on wet days. I’m saving my old LP’s too they may come back in style before you know it, just like fiberglass rods and that’s a good thing!

  2. I bought my son the Echo Gecko last year for his 7th birthday (it is also a glass rod), and I couldn’t be more pleased. While it is very forgiving for a new fly fisher, I absolutely love taking this rod out while he is in school. I will be buying an Echo glass rod for myself and my wife as soon as I can.

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