Pisciphilia?!?  Where did it come from?  We will let your imagination run with that one.  We simply call it the “The Love of Fish.”  If it had an entry in the dictionary, to would probably look something like this:

Pisciphilia: piss·kha·phil·ee·a – Obsessive fascination with fish

We just want to share a little bit of our lives with you.  We live, sleep, eat and breathe fly fishing.  At work, it is our job.  We do it when we are not at work and when we can’t, we thinking about it the rest of the time.  Some may call this affliction an illness, some may call it a blessing.  Is it contagious?  Probably.  We are just happy to have it and we invite you to join us.


piss·kha·phil·ee·a – Obsessive fascination with fish

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