Tying the Triple Surgeons Loop Knot

Are you looking for an alternative to the Bimini Twist?  The Triple Surgeon’s Loop works well.  It is a quick easy knot to do in the field and get you back to fishing fast.

  1. Start by doubling the line over and creating a loop.
  2. Take the loop and add an overhand knot approximately where you want the base of the final knot loop.
  3. Proceed to do a total of three (hence the triple in the name) wraps of the loop through the overhand knot.
  4. Pull everything into place, working the knot into position depending on how big you want the final loop to be.  Use saliva to lubricate the knot as it is tightened.
  5. Once the knot is tight and secure, trim the tag end.


Illustrations by Greg Pearson


I Totally Want To Throw Her For Muskie

The fly-tying-materials-in-your-hair-craze came front and center here today.  These very nice girls came by looking for hackles, flashabou and fur to integrate into their hair.  Much like a Tiger Muskie, they seemed to be attracted to the brighter, flashier colors.

We called all of our fly tying supplies and got promptly laughed at when we told them we were looking for long saddle hackles.

We advised the ladies to be careful if they went near any saltwater flats or the lakes with long fish.

When we said we wanted more women to get into fly fishing…this is not necessarily what we meant.

Let us know what you think…

Tying the No-Slip Mono Loop Knot

The No-Slip Mono Loop Knot is used for tying on bigger flies so they have a little more action.  A clinch-type knot grabs onto the eye and constrains movement.  Sometimes a little more wiggle in your fly can make all the difference.

  1. Start by tying and overhand knot in your line (before you thread it through the eye of the hook).
  2. Take the tag end of the line through the eye
  3. Thread the tag end back through the loop in the line created by the overhand knot.
  4. Wrap the tag end around the main line 5-7 times.
  5. Thread the tag end through the overhand knot.
  6. Slowly pull the knot tight, while maintaining the loop size desired.  Use lubrication if necessary.
  7. Once it is tight, clip your tag end.


Illustrations by Greg Pearson



Tying the Perfection Loop Knot

This knot is perfect for tying a loop in the thick end of a new leader or in the end of a piece of butt-section.

  1. Create a loop in the line with the tag end going behind the main line.  The tag should be out to the right of the loop.
  2. Bring the tag end of the line back around the loop you have created.  The tag should now be in front of the loop out the left side.
  3. Again, take the tag end around the back of the knot, creating another loop the left of the original loop.  The tag is now to the right hand side of the loop.
  4. Lay the tag end between the two loops, then take the left (or second loop) through the top loop (first loop).
  5. Slowly tighten the knot, keeping it relatively small.  Lubricate the knot as needed.
  6. Once the knot is tight, trim the tag end.


A special thanks to Greg Pearson for his great illustrations!



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