Upgrade Program

Fishwest Upgrade ProgramHave you been eyeballing that new rod, shiny new reel or just have a lot of old gear that you need to unload? Well, then the Fishwest Upgrade Program is for you. We make “out with the old, in with the new” much easier. Simply send us your unwanted gear and we will sell it for you. We don’t take any commission for the service and you get credit for the new gear you want.

There is no catch, we simply take your unwanted gear, clean it up, take professional images and sell it on eBay for you. We deduct the eBay and PayPal fees (roughly 10%) from the final amount and the rest is yours to use as a gift certificate here at Fishwest. All of the fees that we would deduct are the same as if you were to sell the product yourself; we just do all the work for you. Pretty sweet, huh?

Hardy Salmon Perfect Fly ReelAs a prominent seller on eBay, we have excellent ratings and eBay customers have come to trust making their purchases through us. In addition, we extend the same unconditional 90-Day return policy on Upgrade gear as we do with any other sale, all at no cost to you. So our buyers purchase with confidence, yielding a higher sales price.

To participate, simply print off this form and send your gear to us, we will handle the rest. Wondering if what you have is worth selling? Just send us an email or give us a call. We can easily research your item and give you some ballpark estimates. Please contact us with any questions.

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Still not convinced?

Why should you choose the Fishwest Upgrade Program?

You want professionalism
Fishwest has staff dedicated to the upgrade program and their job is to make sure you get the most money for your upgrade items. When we sell your item, we treat it like our own. We even offer our 90-day return policy to the potential buyers at no additional cost to you.

Sage 6000 Series Fly ReelYou want value
Fishwest is the largest fly fishing seller on eBay. Period. We do more volume than anyone. What does that mean for you? More customers, more eyeballs and more potential bidders looking at your items, which in turn mean more bids and higher selling prices for your items.

You want to be properly represented
When Fishwest agrees to sell your item, we take it very seriously. We take high quality photos, thoroughly clean and inspect the item and write a solid description so potential buyers know exactly what they are buying. We don't want any surprises. We want you the get the most money out of your item.

You want options
Options? When we turn your upgrade item into valuable Fishwest store credit, you want to make sure you get what you want for the credit. We have the widest selection of products available, so you CAN get the fly fishing gear you want.

You want assurance
Fishwest is a Top Rated Seller on eBay which means we consistently excel at all aspects of taking care of our customers and their orders. Not only do we exceed the standards of service expected by eBay, we do it at an astonishing volume.

Why choose the Fishwest Upgrade program?
Because we are the best. We work harder, get you more value and we want to be the only choice when you decide to upgrade your old equipment. Please contact us with any questions.