Trout Bum Diaries Vol. I : Patagonia Video DVD

    Trout Bum Diaries Vol. I : Patagonia Video DVD

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    Synopsis:  A fast-paced video tour of Patagonia set to music with a limited commentary by Joe Danial. A documentation of an epic journey across Patagonia; 7,000 miles of bad roads, sleeping in the dirt, exploring lakes and rivers, and BIG TROUT. Pure entertainment capturing the excitement of fly-fishing travel and adventure in this wide open country. 120 min.

    More Information:  Follow the Angling Exploration Group and Burl Productions as they fish the entire length of Patagonia. This film is designed for pure entertainment. It is non-instructional and action packed. It is a travel adventure film documenting the life and times of hard core trout dums. It features Sea Run Browns grabbing flies on the swing, Rainbows slamming mice patters in spring creeks, and sight fishing for some massive Resident Rainbows in high alpine lakes.

    It is a story about 4 friends trip across Patagonia in search of good times, pristine places, and fish. Along the way Ryan Davey, Michael Wier, Chris Owens and Brian Jill meet some fun and interesting people and get to wet their lines in some of the best trout waters in the World. Follow them along the way as they explore and fish the entire length of Patagonia. From the crystal clear waters of the Northern Andes, to the Sea Run Brown rich rivers of the far south and Tierra del Fuego. This is an adventure you won't want to miss.

    This film is non-instructional and action packed. It is full of some of the very best fly fishing footage ever filmed. If you like to see SEA RUN BROWN hookups, large RESIDENT RAINBOWS grabbing mice patterns and huge BROWN TROUT in spring creeks, than this flick is right up your ally. This film features scenery shots, time laps cinematography, underwater angles, travel adventure, and the curded "Silver Devil" Jeep. There is also lots of really interesting and cool footage of the landscapes and people that make Patagonia one of the best places in the World to visit. This film is fun watching and exciting. It will keep your attention form one action packed chapter to the next. If you are planning on traveling to Patagonia, or are just interested to see what it looks like on the other side of the world, than this film is a must have.

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