Hydro Flask Revolve Replacement Filter

    Hydro Flask Revolve Replacement Filter

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    Replacement Revolve Filter* for Hydro Flask The Revolve filter for Hydro Flask eliminates up to 99.9999% of all fresh water contaminants, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Additionally, the compact filter will remove chlorine, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff, microbial cysts and trace pharmaceuticals. Tough, durable and long lasting, each filter produces more than 75 gallons of clean-tasting, filtered water and is a cinch to clean. Whether you're in the backcountry or in need of quick filtration from the tap, the Revolve Water Filter for Hydro Flask is the ultimate step in on-the-go hydration. No more additional pieces for cleaning your water, no more multi-step filtration processes with the Revolve filter for Hydro Flask, you simply fill your bottle and drink the cleanest and purest water on the planet.


    • Made in the USA!
    • Removes bacteria and viruses up to "six-log" (99.9999%)
    • Produces more than 75 gallons of filtered water
    • 100% recyclable
    • 100% BPA free

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