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Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reel

Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reel
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    Waterworks Lamson Fly ReelsNewly updated, everyone's favorite entry level Lamson reel has received a new smoother, more durable two tone finish!

    Model / Size Diameter Weight Rod Wt. Line Capacity
    Waterworks Lamson Konic 1.5 Fly Reel 3.1" 4.4 oz 3/4 WF4 + 100 yd 20#
    Waterworks Lamson Konic 2 Fly Reel 3.4" 4.7 oz 5/6 WF6 + 130 yd 20#
    Waterworks Lamson Konic 3.5 Fly Reel 3.7" 6.9 oz 7/8 WF9 + 200 yd 20#
    Waterworks Lamson Konic 4 Fly Reel 3.9" 8.0 oz 9/10 WF10 + 240 yd 30#


    Is die cast inferior to machined bar stock?  There are really two issues here:  strength and beauty.  The question of strength is a complicated one, but letís concede that a machined part is stronger, in general, than a die cast part.  The better question is this:  is a die cast part strong enough?  Yes, if designed correctly.  As evidence, just about every metal part in your car is die cast including your wheels.  Are the highways littered with failed cast aluminum wheels?  The other issue is beauty.  Itís true that a machined part has more finish options than a die cast part.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold Konic: it looks goooooood.

    Is Konic saltwater safe?  Yes, absolutely. 

    What is the warranty for Konic?  Underscoring our confidence in the durability of Konic, weíre offering the same conditional lifetime warranty for Konic that we offer for all our other reels. 

    Where is Konic made?  Some parts that go into this reel are made in the U.S., and some are made overseas; final manufacturing and quality control is in Boise, Idaho.

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