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Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Freshwater Floating Fly Line - Expert Distance

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Freshwater Floating Fly Line - Expert Distance
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    Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance Fly Line - Now available in 105' and 120' Competition Length

    With advanced taper design and harder, stiffer coating, the Expert Distance Mastery Fly lines are designed to provide maximum casting distance. Typical “western” conditions, larger flies, long distances and windy days are handled best by these lines. Ideal for casters who need to carry and control a very long line. Expert Distance lines are best used with 9' or longer rods.

    The Mastery Expert Distance series features a braided multifilament nylon core with optimum air entrapment for minimum memory and maximum floatation.  It is coated with a specially formulated PVC with built in AST technology offering superior lubrication. This PVC has slightly increased density to reduce line diameter. Expert Distance weight forward designs have extra long heads and tapers custom tailored to each line weight. Convex compound front tapers delay turnover for long casts and provide the necessary power to handle larger flies and wind. Long rear tapers are used for smooth distance casting and better mending and roll casting.

    Mastery lines incorporate Scientific Anglers' Advanced Shooting Technology. The unique 'dry-slick' coating enhances every aspect of floating line performance. In just three short years, amazing AST - Advanced Shooting Technology - has redefined fly-line performance. Using a patented coating process, AST is integrated within the line coating to achieve a unique 'dry' slickness that keeps the line permanently slick and continuously clean. Try an AST line just once, and nothing else will do.  The dry slickness of AST prevents dirt and algae from clinging to line, which means line stays cleaner and floats higher for longer intervals. AST isn't just permanently slick - it's lightning slick for the fastest, smoothest shooting of your life. With AST, line shoots through the guides virtually friction-free and keeps on doing it for the life of the line - without the need for dressing. Plus, because the line stays so clean and free of debris with AST, Scientific Anglers lines are significantly less prone to wear and corrosion.


    • Smooth casting and excellent accuracy, with exceptional delivery from all casting ranges
    • Shoots like a rocket and provides outstanding line control at long and short range
    • Perfect for western fishing, including casting large flies long distances without sacrificing presentation
    • Rolls casts and mends long distances like a double-taper fly line, but with superior shootability

    WF Taper Characteristics:

    • Extra-long compound head design puts more weight in the front of the head to further delay turnover at long range for superior delivery
    • Long front taper for smooth turnover
    • Long rear taper and running line work together to provide incredible control from long range


    • Braided multifilament nylon with optimum air entrapment for minimum memory, maximum floatation


    • Specially formulated 3M PVC integrated with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology
    • Slightly increased density reduces line diameter and allows for longer casts
    • Extra-hardness reduces friction and increases durability

    Length: 105' and special 120' "Competition Lines"

    Colors: Mist Green | Orange

    Delivery: Moderate

    Stiffness: Low


    WF4F - WF9F Mist Green 105'
    WF5F - WF7F Orange 120'

    • Taper - 1st & 2nd digits of code.
      • WF - Weight Forward Taper
    • Line Weight - 3rd digit of code (and 4th if double digit line weight).
      • Match line weight to rod.
    • Density - Last digit of code.
      • F - Floating

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    Customer Reviews
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 2 Reviews
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Control and distance, 12.10.2010
    Reviewer: dominic t (portland, OR)

    After learning what characteristics make-up a quality fly line, and then doing extensive research to find a line with the exact taper design to provide optimal control, precision, and distance, I found S/A's Expert Distance. After the first few false casts I realized this is a line different from all others. The ability to effortlessly keep more line in the air resulting in an amazing long final release. As a result of the exceptionally long rear taper the line provides the best control for precision casting I've ever experienced. After a year of putting this line through it's paces under some of the most severe conditions, I now feel no need or desire to use any other line. Recommend that you try it to see if it may also improve your fishing experience as it did mine, good luck, Dominic


    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 News & Noteworthy - American Angler, Summer 2006, 10.4.2006
    Reviewer: Fishwest Staff (SLC, UT)

    In the never-ending pursuit of more casting distance, anglers have tried to cobble together myriad combinations of running lines, heads, and tapers. But the new Expert Distance lines from Scientific Anglers offer something that you can’t make yourself – a tapered running line. According to developer Bruce Richards, this has never been done before, and it serves to reduce the mass of the line and the friction caused by running over the guides during a cast. The Expert Distance lines also feature a longer rear taper, allowing casters to carry more line in the air. These weight-forward floating lines are available in weights 4 through 9. For more information click on www.scientificanglers.com American Angler – www.americanangler.com