Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip Fly Line

    Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip Fly Line

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    So you know where the fish are holding. You’ve done your research. But you just don’t know how deep they are. Luckily, the Mastery Wet Tip offers a variety of solutions for all of your depth-finding needs. Just below the surface? Try the Wet Tip Clear. Holding steady in the shadowy depths? Get the Type V. Experimentation is the name of the game, so maybe it makes sense to try all four densities.


    • Graduated density and tapered tip make this the smoothest casting sinking-tip line available
    • Designed for moving water situations requiring enhanced castability and line control
    • Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, and smallmouth bass

    Sink Rate:  1.5-6.5 ips

    • Type II 1' - 4' depths in moderate currents; shallower in fast currents.
    • Type III 3' - 5' in moderate currents; shallower in fast; deeper in slow.
    • Type IV 5' - 8' in moderate currents; shallower in fast; deeper in slow.
    • Type V 8'+ in moderate currents. Ideal for deep fish and fast currents

    Taper Characteristics:

    • Tapered tips for smoother turnover with less kick
    • Tips, tapers, and heads are designed specifically for each line size for optimal performance

    Core:  Braided multifilament nylon


    • Exclusive blend of 3M PVC formulated with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology - floating line and industry-leading Mastery Series powdered-tungsten sinking-line technology
    • Graduated-density between sinking tip and floating section allows smoother casting and straighter fishing for more natural drifts, enhanced sensitivity, better strike detection, and easier hook setting


    • Green/Mist Green (Type II)
    • Dark Green/Mist Green (Type III)
    • Gray/Mist Green (Type IV)
    • Dark Gray/Mist Green (Type V)

    Delivery:  Moderate

    Stiffness:  Low


    WF4FS - WF10FS

    • Taper - 1st & 2nd digits of code.
      • WF - Weight Forward Taper
    • Line Weight - 3rd digit of code (and 4th if double digit line weight)
      • Match line weight to rod.
    • Density - last digit of code (or last two digits).
      • F - Floating
      • FS - Floating / Sinking

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