Scientific Anglers Sharkwave GPX Taper Fly Line

    Scientific Anglers Sharkwave GPX Taper Fly Line

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    Meet the SharkWave, the world's first Triple-Textured and Triple-Colored fly line. Featuring Sharkskin texture on the tip section, Mastery Textured divots for the belly and running line, a smooth Tactile Reference Point at the AFTMA 30-foot mark, SA ID line identification, AST dry slick technology, Improved Dry Tip technology, and Streamlined Loops, the SharkWave is unlike any fly line we've ever produced.

    Its Fishing. Friction Free.


    • Sharkskin is a radical modification of typically smooth-surfaced fly lines. Featuring our proprietary microreplication technology, the Sharkskin surface traps air to provide superior shootability, flotation, and durability.
    • The Mastery Texture fuses our traditional Mastery series lines with Sharkskin texturing, providing all the benefits and performance of the Sharkskin technology with the smoother feel of a traditional fly line.
    • Improved Dry Tip Technology:What exactly are microballoons? Microscopic beads filled with air or gas that are mixed with PVC. This lowers the density of the fly line, helping it to float higher on the water.
    • Flotation & Contact Angle:Measuring the contact angle of a line as it sits on the water helps determine how buoyant the line is. SharkWave lines have contact angles well above 110 meaning they float higher than traditional lines.
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