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WestWater Products Pheasant Fly

WestWater Products Pheasant Fly
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    The Flying Cock - The Pheasant 

    This flys plumage is as brilliant as the living specimen. It includes the distinctive ring neck and beautiful display of tail feathers in flight. 

    Approximate size: 3.25L x 2W x 1H

    Why tie a fly that looks like a bird?

    Fly fishing incorporates many skills and attributes which culminate in that glorious moment when you make a fish believe and it takes your fly and makes a believer out of you.

    Some of those skills are apparent and tangible. Good fly casting, reading the water, matching the hatch and good fly design. There is a definitive beauty to the ultimate success of landing a fish.

    Nothing is more striking than a fly drifting perfectly with the current, a well tied fly using quality materials, a flawless loop, thrown exactly where you intended it. Beauty defined. But, there are also those intangible attributes that make the experience of fly fishing so fulfilling.

    The camaraderie shared between family, friends and first time fishing companions, the comforting feeling of being enveloped in the beauty of the natural places encountered while fly fishing, that boost of self-confidence when a fish strikes on the first cast after a well contemplated fly change. The despair when being rejected after a dozen well contemplated fly changes. There is the joy, the laughter and the peace. These are some of those intangibles of the sport of fly fishing that keep us coming back.

    There are many of these same attributes, attitudes and styles alive in the sport of bird hunting. Thats the reason why so many fly fisherman cross over to bird hunting and vice versa. (Not to mention the added benefit of using the birds you hunt to supply your fly tying habit.)

    As peculiar as it seems, these multi-personality flies are a fun, original and creative way for an outdoors person to display their passion. In a two birds, one stone kind of way.

    More than just deer hair and feathers tied on a hook. These flies represent the true love of nature and all that it offers.

    The Bird Flies

    Westwaters bird flies capture the age old, hand crafted art of fly tying and the beauty of nature. Each fly is tied using copious amounts of deer hair and the finest of natural materials. These unique flies present an ironic twist, combining the art and materials of fly tying with the sport of bird hunting. The bird becomes the fly becomes the bird...fly. 

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